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You Will Get:

Professionally Rendered Video Animation

  1. Video quality: Full HD 1080p, 16:9 widescreen
  2. File format: .mp4 (if you need other formats, I can convert it for you)
  3. Duration: 00:06
  4. Usage rights: Unlimited commercial and personal
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How to customize Assembly Single Title animation

Assembly Single Title animation is an intro/title template. Write your text in two separate sentences, upload your image and change colors to your liking.

To customize this template, you need to:

1. Upload your background image

• Accepted file types for an image: JPG/PNG

• Maximum file size: 3MB

• Recommended size for an image: 2080px width (landscape orientation)

If your file doesn’t meet these requirements, please contact me!

2. Type in your text

Type in your text that you would like to see in the animation. One text per line.

3. Select your colors

Choose your color(s) by placing the HEX code into the color field if you know it, or select by dragging in the color-picker panel. Excellent choice for finding your desired color(s) would be using Adobe Color Wheel. If you would like to know more about colors, i.e., how to make a stylish color match, and how to choose the right shade(s) of one, then I would suggest Color HEX.

Colors used in the sample animation:

  • Color 1 = Primary Color = #ffff00
  • Color 2 = Secondary Color = #ffffff

4. Audio

Choose whether you would like the offered audio with your animation

Little bit about animations in videos

Promotional and explainer videos explain your products and services to viewers quickly and concisely. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms have taught consumers to click and watch videos. Whether you choose a whiteboard video or an animated promotional video, you’re sure to see your website traffic and consumer conversions start to rise, and quickly. Promo videos not only capture your customer’s attention, but they add value to their lives through entertainment and education. Both are things which also help to establish and build brand engagement which equals more customer conversions.

Promo videos can be an excellent method to use to introduce your consumers to your products and services. They also can encourage your loyal consumers to buy your newest products and can convert potential consumers into loyal ones. Video animations engage your potential and loyal consumers on several levels. They’re visually stimulated through the video and animations with effects, and their hearing is involved in music or dialogue. When you engage more than one of your consumer’s senses, you capture more of their attention and increase their desire to buy.

What is video intro and why would you use it?

Video intro, or also known as intro animation is a short video clip that we place at the beginning of the main video we want to show to our potential customers. Their goal is to make a good first impression, and the primary emphasis is to reinforce your brand by displaying your logo and message briefly. Moreover, when made right, they professionally present your videos. Since promo/explainer video can help your consumer to understand your products and services, intro video makes your explainer video to be visually attractive and recognizable to your potential clients, so you not only capture their attention but increase their interest and desire to consume your products/services. Using intro videos, you can promote your website as well.

What are title animations and why to use them?

Title animations in your promo or explainer videos share brief messages to communicate visual information on your products/services and can give a stylish touch to your video content. When using title animations to describe your product/service keep your messages short and to the point not to let your titles draw attention away from your video, i.e., title animations must not distract the main video, but its design has to flow along.

Captivate your consumers with this intro/title animation now! 


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