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IEDA gives every Ijaw person an opportunity to contribute towards solving challenges in Ijaw Land.

Poverty Alleviation

Creating sustainable solutions that uplift communities and empower individuals to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Disaster Intervention

Disasters can disrupt lives and communities. We aim to implement measures that minimize risks, offer relief, and aid in the recovery process.


We aim to support the provision of accessible, reliable, and quality healthcare services to improve the well-being of Ijaw families.


Education is the key to unlocking opportunity. Many talented Ijaws cannot access quality education, and we have to change this narrative.


Several issues in our land
need intervention


Harnessing Our Strength In Numbers

We invite every Ijaw person aged 18 and above, to become a contributor by giving towards a long-term intervention fund, every year. Every contribution, regardless of size, joins a collective force of goodwill that manifests into tangible change. Your support enables the implementation of long-term solutions that address poverty’s root causes and empowers individuals to overcome the challenges imposed by recurring disasters. Together, we can forge a future where our Ijaw communities thrive, where individuals have access to resources, education, and a safer environment, fostering a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond the immediate impact of your contribution.




Building A Resilience Tribee

Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat

Through strategic initiatives in education, community upliftment, healthcare enhancement, and proactive disaster management, IEDA endeavours to drive impactful change within Ijaw communities. By pooling resources and collective action, we aim to elevate education standards, eradicate poverty, improve healthcare accessibility, and fortify resilience against disasters, nurturing a resilient and prosperous Ijaw society.






In one year


What Success Looks Like

To create a future where Ijaw people thrive through strengthened education, healthy, abundant living, and effective disaster response, fostering a united and prosperous Ijaw society.
Responsible and Accountable

Our Core Values Define Us

We employ the core values of; Sustainability and Resilience, Transparency and Accountability and Collaborative Engagement to prioritise the needs and aspirations of the Ijaw communities, ensuring that all initiatives stem from a deep understanding of local challenges and aspirations.

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Why We Need You

Addressing Urgent Needs

The Ijaw regions have faced numerous challenges over the years, including displacement due to flooding, lack of access to clean water, inadequate healthcare facilities, and poverty. These issues have created urgent needs within the Ijaw community. By contributing to the fund, you are helping to address these pressing issues and improve the quality of life for the Ijaw people.

Proactive Problem Solving

Emergencies and natural disasters are not uncommon in Ijaw Nation. All we have done so far, is watch helplessly as the state of our nation carries on it's steady decline. We hold many discussions, and nothing changes. For the first time in history, we can come together to take active steps, empowered by our fund, and do great things for Ijaw people.

Community Empowerment

Supporting IEDA means you are actively investing in the empowerment of the Ijaw community. Contributions can be used to fund education and skills development programs, entrepreneurship initiatives, and infrastructure projects that will create sustainable opportunities for the people in the region

Solidarity & Advocacy

As a people, we are fast growing farther and farther apart with each generation that transitions. Our languages are dying and we need to come together to preserve our stories, our history, our languages - our heritage. Soon brothers and sisters will not know each other because they have travelled far and wide and embraced other cultures. Spread the word, ask your Ijaw friends and relatives to support IEDA, and let us stay invested in our roots.